God is Always listening

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share with you today a really neat story on how God is always listening and watching over you, even on the little things in life.

On Feb. 25th, after doing the final decluttering and purging, I announced to my youngest son, “There, it is finally complete.  All that we need now is a bright colored bouquet of flowers for a table centerpiece to finish it off.  Something bright, like orange would be perfect.”

Later on that night, my little niece was over with her family, and she wanted to draw.  I set her up with supplies and went off talking with her mom.  After she had left that night, I noticed her drawing left on the table.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was a bouquet of flowers with the bright orange flower sitting prominently in the middle.  She never knew about my previous conversation.

I couldn’t help remembering the conversation I had earlier with my son and smile.   Some may write off this as coincidence, But I in the midst of doubting if all this work was worth it, God looked down and used a young girl to minister to me.  It was if He was saying, “Yes, it is worth it.  I am sending you on this journey and I am listening and watching over you through it all.  Even in the little things.”

When pictures of the house were taken in the middle of February, I found this bouquet and had to have it.  Check out the resemblance to the drawing!  My God always looks out for me.

Until we meet again,





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