The Piano

March 31, 2016

Dear Friend,

Sometimes I get nervous about giving up an item in the process of downsizing. Take my piano for example. Close friends and family questioned me on our decision to try and sell the piano. My children grew up falling asleep to the sound of my playing and singing in the evening. I used this time to relax, reflect, and dream as I played into the night. This was also a purposeful tool for ministry as I prepared for various worship team events. Will future ministry include music anymore? Is this chapter of my life coming to an end? Will I become rusty and not be able to play much at all?

Then I quit panicking and gain perspective. If God wanted me to continue with what I had been doing, then He would make it happen somehow. This already proved true in my life and I just quickly forget. I remind myself of my past supply of pianos. It seems I have always had access to a piano ever since I started playing as a child. In fact, so much access that I even had to practice on family vacations as a kid. (sigh!) When I went off to college, there was a piano on campus that I played regularly. From there, I married and stuck my claim on Joel’s piano. A piano always seemed to be around, but yet, I never purchased one. Why would I expect this time to be any different?

I place this ultimate decision upon God. Just because I am giving up one piano does not necessarily mean there will never be a piano in the future. On the other hand, if He does choose for this portion of my life to be done with, I must also trust Him with that decision. Life does not revolve around playing an instrument. There may be a better ministry out there for a different stage of my life that I must use different skills for instead. He is ultimately in control and directs my life. I must not needlessly fret about this decision. I am His instrument to be played however He chooses.

Until we meet again,



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