In a Meal Rut?

April 10, 2016

Dear Friend,

One of the projects I took on was going through all of my cooking magazines and recipe files. In the midst of the sorting, I ran across my meal ideas listing. This is my go-to list of what my family is served off and on throughout the year. Whenever I get in a rut, besides calling others to see what they are making for dinner, I look at this list for inspiration. Perhaps you may find this useful to create your own family’s listing. In my household, certain members may not like some of these selections, but that’s okay. It makes them enjoy the next meal all the more.

(Not in any specific order)

tacos                                         fajitas                                          sesame chicken
fried rice                                 fish sandwiches                       ham and cheese melts
garden salads                        enchiladas                                  Indian butter chicken
cabbage rolls                         fish patties                                salmon loaf
chicken focaccia                   BBQ chicken drumsticks      chicken salad
spagetti w/meat sauce        mac-n-cheese                        hot dogs
roast beef                               steak                                            baked chicken
chicken noodle soup           pizza                                           pita sandwiches
gyros                                        hamburgers                              corned venison or beef
tater tot hot dish                 omelettes / eggs                      pancakes
french toast                          egg bake                                     chili
egg rolls                                 meatball sub sandwiches     swedish meatballs
chicken alfredo                    goulash / hot dishes              kibbeh
lubia (green bean stew)     BLT’s                                          buffalo chicken wings
lasagna                                    meatloaf                                   sloppy joes
chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes or biscuits   soups
“hobos” (foiled meat with potatoes, onions and carrots grilled)
boiled dinner (kielbasa, potatoes, corn and carrots)
“S-O-S” chipped beef and gravy over toast
french dip/ roast beef sandwiches

Until we meet again,


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