April 15, 2016

Dear Friend,

The purge continues on. I began going through all of our household stuff around three years ago when Joel was first laid off, thinking that a move was coming soon at that point. Things settled down and when I started the process again last November, I thought that it would be easier this time. I thought I accomplished a lot. I thought. Several months later, we are still sorting through all of our items.

I initially asked the question, “How in the world did we accumulate all of this junk?” I’m not even what people would describe as a hoarder. Then I started going through various life events to date. When the parents downsized their home, their stuff found its way here. When family members passed away, their stuff found its way here. When children were born or I received a dog, their stuff found a spot here. As we began new hobbies and activities, the stuff found its way here as well. You get the drift. The collection just grew and grew as life moved on. It was all good stuff. We would use it someday, right? It is worth too much to just throw away. It has sentimental value.

But now, I stand at a crossroads in life. On one hand, I know that I am able to save some items. One day we will probably have a home again, so it doesn’t make sense to get rid of absolutely everything. On the other hand, I know that the more stuff we purge, the easier and less expensive it will be for moving, storing, and being mobile. It is easy to logically stand back and say the item has to go, but another thing to actually do it.

The Bible says in Psalms 24:1, “The earth is the LORD’s, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it.” The things I possess were never truly mine in the first place. It was God’s and I was just put in charge of watching over it for a while. I have found it much easier to part with items when I remind myself that God blessed me with an item all these years and now, someone else will have an opportunity to be blessed by its use. It never was really mine to keep to myself in the first place.

Until we meet again,



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