Spring is Here

April 29, 2016

Dear Friend,

Spring is Here! Excitement and anticipation is sensed in the freshness of the breeze. Home schooling for the boys will soon be completed. We are unsettled as racehorses at the starting gate. We are becoming antsy to go, and yet are held back. When will the time come?

We have now owned our (Blue Ridge 3780 LF) fifth wheel travel trailer for two months now. The lion’s share of projects are now completed on the beast. “Take me out! Take me out!” The truck seems as if it is waiting eagerly to pull to the first excursion. Every week, friends inquire as to where we’ll head first. We know the first trip is around the corner but when will it occur?

We have done what we could possibly do to be prepared for the transition, but now, we sit. We wait. The house must sell before we officially leave. As showings trickle in, we wonder, “Is this the one?” only to have nothing come of it. As the weather became beautiful, more showings were scheduled. Then the weather turned cold once more and the silence began again. Now the pleasant weather is finally returning. Our first offer is in negotiation. We’ll see if something comes of it. We still guard our emotions with this potential agreement, as a lot of details need to be worked out.

We trust in God’s perfect timing for all of the loose ends to be tied together. I can’t help but wonder what we are supposed to be doing in the meantime. For what purpose has God stalled this move? Who do we need to talk to? Is there someone we must help first? Or, perhaps, we may just be learning a lesson in patience.

Until we meet again,


One thought on “Spring is Here

  1. Headed north On the 7th of June will be in MN around the 14th. Then I am off to Canada on the 18th for a week of fishing then Back to MN for the summer. Let us know when we can get together.

    Tom and Kris.


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