On Your Mark, Get Set,…Sold!

June 24, 2016

Dear Friend,

At this point, we have now tried out our trailer for a good three weeks. Through the first experience, we discovered some warranty issues that our dealer is currently working on. In the meantime, we decided to enjoy some downtime with the family.

However the other Sunday, we had a showing on our home that ended up in the sale of our house the same day. Even though we were excited to be able to be back into motion in pursuing our dream, the daunting task loomed over us.

With the house closing only a month away, everyone involved jumped on board to get the ball moving quickly. By the end of the week, the results were out for all of the different inspections and everything looks good as I write. We also have been listing all of our furniture on Craig’s List and am writing in the downtime of the garage sale.

We are dwindling down the pile of stuff inside and out. I secretly had my hopes up that the piano would not sell. I thought to myself, “Only one more week and then I’ll get to keep it somewhere!!!” I had figured out a couple of potential spots to keep my “baby” while holding my breath.

THEN, it sold. Logically it makes sense to sell the piano. It is never good to store the instrument for so long let alone dealing with the hassle of moving it to several locations. On the other hand, my heart was heavy when my youngest asked to have me play piano one last time as he fell asleep. Ouch. I am comforted knowing that it will be played and many people will be blessed by its sound. Good Bye, my Samick.

Now that it looks as if we’ll be on our way soon, I look back to see the reason why God had planted us down here for the springtime. All is really woven together for God’s purposes. There is joy knowing we were able to be a blessing to others with the unique abilities He has given each of us. In the meantime, we also were able to systematically organize our items and get them to where they’ll have to be during our upcoming journey without as much stress that typically surrounds the process. Even though knowing the timeframe helps, it was a good lesson in trust and patience.

Until we meet again,



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