Will the House Finally Close?

July 22, 2016

Dear Friend,

Today was a wonderful day as we finally were able to close on our house. The original closing date was supposed to have been Tuesday, but it kept getting pushed back in half day increments. I was convinced that just about every encumbrance that could have possibly occurred happened, excluding losing the sale itself. It would have been easy to blame all of the workers in the chain of command working on the buyers’ side of the loan processing, but that only promotes anger. We were supposed to have been up north and doing other activities in the second half of this week. Obviously, my plan was scrapped and God’s plan prevailed.

I kept telling myself that there was some reason why God did not want us up north this week. As time played out I was able to see how it was in our interest that we weren’t where we planned to be. In the meantime, I was able to meet up with some high school friends and family. We worked on some well needed maintenance projects for where we are currently staying. I also tended the garden and put more green beans and zucchini in the freezer.

However, the biggest blessing so far was realized last night. For those who live outside the immediate area, a large, destructive storm spanning an area from the middle of Minnesota all the way to Duluth swept through Wednesday night. Lots of damage resulted from the terrible rain and 80+ mph winds. Most of that area was out of electricity for at least a day as well. Reports told of trees down everywhere with a very daunting clean up task ahead for the local residents. You get the picture. We were planning on being in that region at the time.

Last night, we were notified of damage to our boat; a 60 foot tree landed on the front. It came down with such an impact that the force went through the boat and bent the frame of the trailer it was on. We don’t know the full extent of the damage yet. A second tree crushed the top of a trailer up there, creating a large hole where water got in. A third tree was just a couple of feet from falling on my ATV. But if we had been up in the area, we would have had another tree come down on a trailer we are using for moving. You could imagine what a mess that would have been. I am grateful that was the only damage to our property as it could have been so much worse. Thank you, God.

Though I am not excited about the up-coming workout of sawing and moving trees, I am appreciative for God’s change of plans for my life this past week. I wouldn’t have thought the week would have looked like this, but am glad that God is concerned and actively involved in every aspect of my life. This also confirms the constant burden that would exist if we had chosen to keep our home while we are traveling. I now don’t have to worry about future storm damage, pipes freezing, grass overgrowing, insect issues, etc. on my house any more. It wasn’t easy to give up the security and stability of our home, but even more confident now that we made the right decision.

Until we meet again.


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