The First Night

August 14, 2016

Dear Friend,

This is the day you all have been waiting for along with us! We finally have begun our adventure after a full year of preparation and selling along with a couple years of dreaming and researching. Tonight is our first night truly away, boon docking for the first time to begin our adventure. No family out our front door. We are on our own with no hook ups.

After leaving around six hours behind what our original “schedule” intended to be, we pulled up to a rest stop on the bluffs overlooking Duluth. The earlier part of the day was well spent visiting with wonderful people at a church picnic the Minnesotan way, at a lake. Later on, we were able to cherish the last minutes with family as Joel’s brother prayed over us. We also celebrated with ice cream treats as we began.

When we first left the final parking lot at sunset, sentimental thoughts began trickling through my head. “We are finally on our way!” “Wow, it will be quite a while before we see all of our loved ones again.” “Stop! Don’t go down that path, or you’ll start feeling really sad.” “Phew, just in time. Think ahead to the experiences.” “Okay.” Then my children started making comments that reassured me of the excitement they have. Quite adorable…

“Hey look! We have a giant bug catcher!” He was referring to the giant pile of smashed bugs on the front of the trailer from less than an hour of traveling.

I couldn’t resist the response, “You won’t be this excited again about that once you realize who gets the job of scrubbing them off.”

Looking at the night skyline of downtown Duluth, “Wow! This is exciting. Take a picture! Quick, take a picture!”

“Could we just spend a couple of days here?”

“Let’s take a picture now and then another one in the morning!”

“This is really neat to go a sleep in different places each night.”

“Oh no, where’s Bunny? (A favorite stuffed animal) I’m not going to stop looking until I find her… okay, I’ve found her, you can all stop looking now.”

“If a semi-truck hit us in the back and I’m on the couch, will I be crushed?” (We were in the truck and trailer section of the parking lot.)

Sweet dreams, everyone, until we meet again,



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