The Covered Bridge

September 27, 2016

Dear Friend,

We paused for a moment to enjoy one of the covered bridges on our journey. The entire family took out their sketch pads to take in the scenery. I found it fitting to create this watercolor pencil sketch along with painting a picture of words to convey our afternoon by the covered bridge from the day in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Until we meet again,

The Covered Bridge

Walk the history of horses, carriages and Model T’s from a time gone by
With its story captured with nostalgia and love.
Beams of aged wood, sheltered planks, and mossy cedar shakes
Create an intricate puzzle of triangles, crosses and squares.
I am consumed in the shadow of its covering
With the lines that converge in the distant darkness
With only a small centered light.
Quiet peacefulness of a slower time beckons me to pause.
Listen to the trickling of the rocky stream below
And the breeze through the maples, pines and oaks;
The laugh of children tossing rocks into the watery pathway below;
Perhaps one’s tears, first kiss, or maybe just a contemplative sigh.
The rough form aches with dust and grooves from wear
But seldom a leaf or snowflake will settle in
As it is sheltered through time with care.


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