Preparing for Brain Surgery

November 30, 2016

Dear friend,

After we met with the neurosurgeon, I knew I wanted to get the surgery done with as soon as possible, despite having over a three month window of grace time to play with. With my personality, I just did not feel like having this hang over me for the entire winter, let alone allowing the effects and potential complications to increase due to inaction for that period.

We started the process to get the ball rolling. We tried setting a date for over a week before we were able to get through to someone and have them follow up with it all. God was definitely teaching us patience. Could we go up north to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family? Where will we be? Could my boys set up a playdate with their friends? Would we have enough time to just leave and come back in three months? Meanwhile we stood still unable to move on much with the planning of life.

I did try to make good use of that lull to contact insurance for their pre-approval, begin brainstorming easy meals for the kids to throw in the oven, and start arranging accommodations for the children. I tried to start preparing them for being more autonomous in their schooling so my sister did not have to school 4 kids completely. What else could I busy myself in doing to help pass that waiting time?

Weds, Nov. 23, we decided to make plans to head north for Thanksgiving. We assumed not much of anything would happen over the weekend and we would be able to be more active up there. As we were packing up to leave I received a phone call from my local doctor’s office.

“Regina, I heard you are having surgery this Friday, so we scheduled you for your pre-op physical for 11:15 today. Will you be able to make it?”

My response, “I am?…Really?…Ah, ya, I’ll be there.”

I was in shock, but well relieved I did not have to dread this surgery for the next month. I made it to my appointment on time and they ran their needed tests. I did not get out of there for at least 3 hours due to some “hiccups”, but all turned out well in the end.

The last hurdle: The next day was a holiday. The neurosurgery department wanted to Fed Ex. some stuff to me, but I doubted that I would receive any packet in time. Sure enough I didn’t. However during conversation, I was given references and “what to do’s” for the important items. In fact, as I write, I realized I still haven’t opened it up yet. Oh well, too late now.

Since we already had plans in motion for spending Thanksgiving Day up north, we decided to go ahead with it. No sense sitting about dwelling on the brain surgery as we waited for the one day. Being active around family with their prayer and support could never be replaced. Yes, the thought constantly ran in the back of my mind, but at least other ideas took over for a while. We did not stay too late as we needed to prepare for our early start the next day. Exhausted from the stress and anticipation, I was asleep before 8:00 that night.

Until we meet again,


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Brain Surgery

  1. You and Joel have been a blessing to us for many years. We will pray for your swift and complete recovery.

    Tom and Kris.


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