December 10, 2016

Dear Friend,

For Joel’s sacrifice and love to me, I wanted to let the world know how grateful I am for my man, my husband, my love.

During the hospital stay and the recovery time at home from brain tumor surgery, Joel had his hands full. He stayed by my side the entire time sleeping in a not-so-comfortable chair. Okay, the sleeping part was overrated. He confessed he only received around 3-4 hours of sleep for the first couple of days. I was so out of it, I had no idea. I only knew that when I woke up in pain, Joel was there. When I needed help lifting my head, Joel was there. When I needed water or anything else, he was always right there for me.

Through my viewing lens of deep pain, fear, and misunderstanding, I thought I was being patient and was able to reason with. I was SO wrong. I was so out of it, I had no clue what he was put through to continually be by my side. This had to have been one of the most challenging times within our marriage where he took his vow seriously to continue to love me. No. Matter. What. I am entirely thankful I have a husband that loves me like this, even when I am unloveable. What a wonderful physical example of how Jesus loves His bride, the believers, even when we were not lovable either.

I wrote this to him in thanks:

“Dearest Joel,
I feel you had the most difficult part of the whole brain surgery story. To have to watch over me, regardless of how worn out and sick you felt, feeling pretty much helpless in regards to the pain I was dealing with. Your love for me shined through that time. Through this, I feel even a greater bond and love to you that goes even deeper than it has been before. Thank you for loving me when I was not lovable. I apologize for those moments. I really had no idea and feel bad as I thought I was trying to be good.

I am so proud of how you allowed Christ to shine through you. We can only hope people will see your physical testimony and wonder more about our God through this. I love you SO much,

Your Regina”

For my man who is typically silent on social media, I smiled reading of his excitement as he saw the first sign of progress after those first few difficult days. He posted the picture of me sitting at the piano and wrote on Facebook:

“Is there a God?? Does prayer work??Friday major brain surgery, Sunday severe pain barely able to talk, hadn’t eaten in 3 days, hadn’t slept more than 4 hours total.
Today playing piano and singing.
You tell me if there is a God??
My answer is for sure!!”

I did not realize at the time this picture of me was going all over Facebook, but I understand why now. It is easy for anyone to say it was the skill of the doctor or care of the nursing staff that allowed me to get better progressively. Anyone can write off something that can be biologically explained allowing time for healing. But in this case, only my Heavenly Father could provide such a turn around and progress in such a short period of time. For this I am ever thankful and we continue to praise our God for how He has worked. Miracles really do exist, and Jesus is the answer. Check out to learn more about how Jesus is your answer as well.

Until we meet again,


2 thoughts on “Thank You, Joel

  1. We are very glad you are continuing to recover and that you had Joel by your side the whole time. Life parteners are very special people who deserve recognition for all the things that they do. I have been very lucky to have such a partner for 46 years now and would not change a thing.


    Tom and Kris.


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