Christmas Cancelled?

December 20, 2016

Dear Friend,

My oldest boy said very simply, “Huh. This Christmas feels weird. We don’t even have one decoration out this year.”

My world has been turned upside down. I never could have imagined a year ago in my former home I would be where I am at now. I only had wild dreams of touring America with a fifth wheel and my family. I had a hunch Christmastime would be downsized a bit in a trailer, but I never anticipated the extent of what it has turned out to be due to recent brain surgery thrown in the mix.

This is the first year we do not have a Christmas tree, garland, lights, collector’s houses, or even the stockings. These items are not around and I would not have the energy to tend to such a thing at this point of recovery.

On the presents side, neither side of the extended family exchanges gifts and we can barely think of anything the boys would need or have the room to bring with when we travel once again. When you live small, the desirable, tangible trinkets diminish greatly. I am barely beginning to show my face inside a store once more let alone think about undertaking the whole Christmas shopping experience.

Is Christmas cancelled? Perhaps the modern secular Christmas, but not the true Christmas. The true Christmas is about God sending Jesus to this earth in the form of a human. The real Christmas is about how this Jesus experienced life like we know it, but yet was able to do it without rebelling against God. Then Jesus grew up and took our punishment so we may have a better life on earth as well as be with Him again one day in paradise. That is what the true Christmas is about.

Yes, this Christmas is weird. This is the first one without the frills and extras of the celebration. However, I believe this experience may enable us to focus on the true Christmas, Jesus. Once again my family takes the time to appreciate how Jesus saved us and can save you as well. For more information, check out

Until we meet again,


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