The Time to Leave is Nearing

January 16, 2017

Dear Friend,

Fresh, cold sunshine begins to break through to melt some ice off the roof. Dripping water hints of the January thaw coming. Will the snow and ice melt off the slide-outs on the fifth wheel trailer? Perhaps this is a sign to make our break for warmer weather. After two months recovering from brain surgery in Minnesota, I sense the time to resume our travels is finally coming soon.

My husband and I sold our home last summer to be free to travel full-time while our boys are young. However during our visit back to Minnesota, I discovered I needed brain surgery for an epidermoid mass in my fourth ventricle, between my brain stem and cerebellum. I had the needed surgery and have been on this detour recovering since. While I am nervous to take up our new lifestyle again too quickly, I can sense the time is coming soon.

I thank God for a surgery and recovery period, though painful, has not had any complications that concerned the surgeon. The prolonged headache-causing aseptic meningitis was a very common side effect due to the residual epidural cells breaking down inside of my skull. Fortunately the second pack of steroids seems to work so far. Now I focus on regaining my strength to make it through my typical day without napping.

After careful thought I concluded if the main headaches do not return, I will be able to finish my recovery time better down south. A walking routine in temperate weather would not only be much more enjoyable, but also my neck muscles would not cramp up from the cold weather. We would once more be creating fond memories with our children as well.

The recovery checklist is near complete. In addition, we need to tie up a few loose ends, repack and clean, then off we’ll fly. I just need to have the confidence I will be able to handle the first trek of at least an 8 to 10 hour drive. A Canadian goose watches the autumn leaves circling in the wind and the ice closing the open water around him. He feels the coming migratory flight welling up inside. He does not know the exact day…only to know it is soon, very soon. I am so happy to report, so it is with us.

Until we meet again,

3 thoughts on “The Time to Leave is Nearing

    1. Thanks so much. I thought of the geese because growing up my grandparents had a seasonal place on the Mississippi River. When autumn came around, we would watch the geese circle and gather overnight on the sandbar in the river. As we watched probably over a hundred of them gather in the evening, my grandpa would always say how they will be returning south just like the geese soon. “When the geese leave, so will we.”-R

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