Project #2: Loft Jail Rail

January 23, 2017

Dear Friend,

Even though we no longer own a home, we still find ourselves having projects to be done on the Blue Ridge 3780 LF fifth wheel. As we prepared to head out on the road again, a high priority project was to tend to the interior loft window.

When we first thought about having a trailer with a loft, we liked the idea of having the loft area enclosed or separated from the main kitchen / living room area. We felt it provided more privacy for whoever was sleeping in the loft. This also ensured no child eyes would be tempted to watch television instead of adhere to the bedtime, not that it would be an issue of course.

However, after a mere three months of traveling full-time, we changed our minds. Many of the autumn nights were cool enough to open the windows and have a wonderful night breeze cool the trailer down for the evening. This worked well except for the loft area where our son slept, or tried to sleep. The frosted glass window blocked all air flow from the ceiling fan in the kitchen area. With a minimal area open to the hallway and stairs, the air was stuffy with the warm air rising to this high point within the trailer. The only way to combat this issue was to turn the air conditioner on instead.

In addition to the stuffiness, the glass window developed a large crack right in the middle. I believe this was from the bouncing of the trailer while it traveled down the rough roads. It was unsettling to think one day I could open the trailer door to find pieces of glass all over my kitchen and son’s bed. We decided to be proactive before the problem grew.

While the window was a warranty issue, we did not want to deal with yet another appointment for the repair. We decided to construct a railing to open the area up to better air circulation instead. My husband, Joel, measured out and built the frame and then fastened individual rails to the frame. Once he stained and sealed the “jail rail”, he installed the railing unit into the opening created by the window. He was then able to reuse the original trim to finish off the new opening once more.

I am confident this will work out much better for our family down the road. This is one of many other modifications to cater to our lifestyle. I’ll try to expound on some others down the road.

Until we meet again,


3 thoughts on “Project #2: Loft Jail Rail

  1. Glad to hear that you will be restarting your adventures again after this delay. It is wonderful news.


    Tom and Kris.


  2. We really enjoyed meeting y’all at Cherokee RV Park in Helen, GA. Take care, have fun. Hope to hear from you soon. We have added y’all to our prayer list. We wish Godspeed!!! When in our area, look us up.


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