On the Road Again…

February 5, 2017

Dear Friend,

I am happy to announce I completed the ‘Brain Surgery’ detour for now and we have hit the open road once more. Though I may never fully understand all of the reasons why God had this experience in store for me, I trust it was a lesson I needed to have in my life. I am grateful as I have learned much through that, though I hope to never have to repeat the “class” again.

Many people have asked me how I am fairing out on the road once more. In a nutshell, I have been headache free for three weeks now. Thank you, God! I only have occasional neck stiffness and muscle tension that is typically massaged out. I just have to watch how I sit and hang my head, or looking downward for long periods of time. I have also been trying to push myself to regain the stamina I once had before the surgery. I still fatigue early and my walking pace is slower, but I am able to do easy hikes for a couple miles with the family once again.

Physical healing was the mountain in the past, but my last foothill to cross was mentally. I noticed fears were starting to stand in the way of me returning to normal activities. I did not want to fall on the ice and hit my head. Be careful! I did not want to slide down on loose gravel. Be sure to watch in case a ball flies past my head. Do not try to do too much or maybe the headache will return. What will I do if we start traveling and it is too intense due to the first 12 hours in a bouncing truck? How will I know I am ready unless I try? I knew I had to get past this and not be nervous to continue on living life.

I knew at each stage of healing I needed to keep moving on despite my doubts and fears. This process started when I transitioned out of the ICU and continues at each healing stage. Physically I was able to continue on with my normal life, I must not stand in my way, so off to Alabama we went.

Until we meet again,


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