The Grand Canyon and Easter

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dear Friends,

Forgive me for jumping ahead a little bit on our travel adventure, but I felt compelled to share about the Grand Canyon and Easter, or Resurrection Sunday. Once again creation proclaimed the workmanship of the Creator. Once again creation shows our need for Jesus.

The Grand Canyon was such a remarkable place to experience. The vast expanse between the North and South Rims was hard to comprehend. The distance, though we saw it with our own eyes, was hard to believe. Those tiny dots and lines so far away were trees and trails. Red striped cliffs with jagged outcroppings were framed between the bright, blue sky and the juniper trees nearby. Massive circling eddies of water forcefully carved semicircles all along the canyon walls as the water receded from the great flood. The rock formations changed as night approached as the shadows grew longer. Yellows, deeper reds, blues, and purples jumped out. Our Creator must enjoy the changing colors of His giant earthly canvas.

As Easter was approaching soon, my mind kept drifting to the Grand Canyon of our choices. These choices are what we selfishly desire, the wrong thoughts and actions we all have done. Our canyon grows and grows so much larger than the Grand Canyon. Sure most of us have not murdered someone, but we should not compare ourselves with the worst. Rather, we must compare ourselves to God’s standard—perfection. None of us measure up. This personal canyon we each created separates us from enjoying life like God intended for us.

People try to reach the bottom of the Grand Canyon all the time. So many people overestimate their abilities to traverse the rough land as the park averages over 600 rescues a year, with around 150 air lift rescues. Millions more don’t even attempt to hike to the bottom knowing their physical abilities do not permit it. This is similar to our spiritual Grand Canyon with the exception that not one person makes it to the other side, let alone make it half way. Some people try to be a good, loving person. They try to do good deeds or even seek a sense of spirituality. Many others see it pointless to try, and live like they please. But the Bible warns that “there is a way that seems right to man, but in the end leads to death.”

Fortunately God loved us so much, He gave us all a gift of a free “helicopter ride” over the canyon by making Jesus pay for the way. Jesus died on the cross for our rebellion against God. He rose again on Easter morning, showing us all that He was successful. All we have to do is to get on board. This is done by realizing that we are sorry for the wrong things we do and no way is possible to get across our spiritual Grand Canyon except by submitting to Jesus. We must decide to do what God wants us to do from here on out instead of living in rebellion towards Him.

Many adventure seekers mastered America’s Grand Canyon by riding mules, hiking, kayaking, and taking helicopter rides. People from around the world now enjoy the beauty of such a remarkable place. This must be so much different from what the first people thought when they first approached the canyon. I likewise encourage you to take the only way over that spiritual canyon, through Jesus’s payment, and go on the greatest adventure you’ll ever have through a relationship with the Creator of America’s Grand Canyon and you.

Until we meet again,

p.s. If you want to find out more, look at “Two Ways to Live” at or message me with questions.


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