About The Blue Ridge Drifters…

About the Blue Ridge Drifters…

We are a family of four that decided to sell everything to pursue a simpler lifestyle traveling around in a Blue Ridge 5th wheel trailer full time. I, Regina, am the mom and I have my husband and two boys with me (current ages are 10 and 13). We come from the outskirts of Minneapolis, MN (Princeton), where I homeschool the boys and my husband works from home. We have never even owned a travel trailer before, so to sell our home to live in a trailer will be quite the experience.

Our family is putting on hold some of our favorite activities to be able to see America full time and enjoy precious time as a family. For me, this includes raising chickens, gardening, playing piano, crafting, and baking goodies in large quantities. The rest of the men have to leave behind their softball, church clubs, ATVing and other woodsmen activities.

I hope to capture some thoughts, technical advice, places, fun tidbits and trials our family of four experiences along the adventure through this blog. So pack up your virtual bag, my friend, and journey along with us.


7 thoughts on “About The Blue Ridge Drifters…

  1. Safe travels. Nature is where God shines (Romans 1:20). Seeing tall, stately redwoods and massive sequoias, whose seeds start out the size of oat flakes, inspires nothing less than awe for his creativeness. Enjoy your journey.


  2. It was nice to meet you. Enjoy and embrace the experience. We met at Beaver Meadow Campground in Java Center Ny. We were neighbors. Life is short be happy.


  3. It’s been interesting to hear of your plans and experiences. I’m glad we got to be neighbors for a few days and look forward to hearing about your adventures to come 😁


  4. It was nice meeting you guys. We were neighbors at Beaver Meadow Campground in Java Center NY. Enjoy the rest of your journey you will make lifelong memories!


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