Began September 2016, Last updated October 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

I know of a family that decided to keep track of all the ways they have seen God bless them. They called them “God Winks”. The mother told me it was just a way they could see God smiling down and showing them His love in daily life. In just the short time of traveling, we have already seen numerous ways that God has blessed us. In the world of so many negative things happening, I wanted to share with you some of the blessings and ways we are seeing God at work.

Until we meet again,
1. A car literally lost its entire wheel right in front of us. No one was hit and the car came safely to a stop, scraping the pavement and sparks flying until then.
2. Our niece just finished two years of chemo and is looking good. A party was thrown for her back home.
3. We received a free night at an RV resort. We told them we had not paid for it, but they insisted it was paid.
4. We were able to pass through a toll booth for free. The attendant just smiled and said we owed nothing.
5. We received another free night at an RV resort. Once again we told them it wasn’t paid for yet and they insisted it was.
6. Our child found over $60 cash laying on the ground with no one around to ask about ownership.
7. One RV resort was closing for the season and we stayed until the last official day. Not sure where exactly we’d end up the next day, we asked about staying for two additional nights and it was granted.
8. Passport America resorts have 50% off our stays, allowing more unexpected budgetary freedom.
9. We did not have to pay for the youngest to use the NYC subway.
10. We happened to go to Acadia National Park on its “Free Park Day”.
11. Unseasonably warm and sunny the past 2 months enabling us to see and do more out east.
12. No NY State Park admittance charged today in the Genesee Valley at Letchworth State Park. This saved us 10.
13. Rear ended at a Chicago Toll Booth, but no damage really, just a small dent to the bike rack.
14. We enjoyed the 83 degree temperature of New York. We moved on to the Midwest, passing through light showers. Come to find out, we left just in time. I heard of some flooding and snow in the areas where we just were.
15. The men were able to all fill their tags quickly during deer hunting. (For those who don’t know, that is our main source of meat for the year.)
16. God’s timing is remarkable. I can’t begin to explain all the ways life is pieced together, even in the difficult times.
17. I was fully functional after brain surgery.
18. Many people came over with meals and other assistance to help the family out during recovery.
19. My husband and boys have been very understanding and paitient with the changes due to the recovery process.
20. We were provided housing during the surgery time since MN in a trailer at -20F would not have been fun (Understatement, Understatement!).
21. We were not in New Orleans at the same time a drunk person drove into a crowd of people.
22. A pick-up truck quickly changed lanes and flashed us to allow our big rig in front of him so we could get to the shoulder in heavy traffic. The last bike was hanging sideways, barely staying on and no one else was willing to allow us to get over despite our turn signal being on.
23. We arrived at a tiny RV park just minutes before two other parties came in. If they were first, we would have gotten only a 30 amp hookup instead of 50A.
24. Some larger storms have been passing through, but divide in half with the worst rain and wind going around our camping area.
25. The south has been unseasonably warm. These temperatures are easier on my neck as it cramps in the colder weather.
26. A crawfish farmer allowed us to ride along with him as he dropped off daily catch.

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