Places People Recommended to Us

Often in conversation, we run across people who are excited about some place they have visited. Unfortunately, it seems like these places were already passed by on this trip. Perhaps, these might be caught on the next round…

(I’ll occasionally update the listing)


Indianhead State Park: In the upper peninsula, a person said a series of rafts and a rope were strung out to the middle of the lake. From there, visitors can look down into the crystal clear water to view a hot? bubbling water source from the bottom of the lake.

Oswald’s Bear Ranch: In the UP, 13814 Co. Rd. 407, Newberry, MI 49868. rescued black bear cubs come to this 240 acre home where they wander about freely. Visitors likewise get out of their vehicles to interact with bears of all sizes. Nearby, is Tahquamenon Falls.

Air Zoo: This is my own recommendation, but I couldn’t resist. It still is one of my favorite places for the kids.

New York:
Erie Canal-Go to the Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, NY, near the airport. This huge park has trails that follow both the Erie Canal and the Genesee River. We also saw a lock along the walking trail.

Vermont: I found Vermont to be a state that needs to deal with infrastructure issues. Bad cell phone signal, very little WIFI connections, small roads, several low bridges. A lady we talked with said she’d never even hike in Vermont anymore because there are very few scenic views once you reached the tops of the mountains (that of which we found true as well). She recommended New Hampshire hiking instead.

New Hampshire:

They have an “Ice Cream” tour of over 50 homemade ice cream shops. They even have a “passport” to get them all stamped off.



Massachusetts has a dangerous intersections with too many “Y’s”. You must be on your “A” game or you just might end up going the wrong way on the highway, due to 5 roadway branches. They do not trim their trees, so you are also apt to miss corners by not seeing road signs. Do not take large vehicles into downtown Boston as well.


Natchez.  It has many antebellum homes in a quaint atmosphere with a lot of history and sites to see.  We looked into this, but decided to pass this time because the Natchez Trace Highway is not very conducive to large RV’s. (Maximum height and or length restrictions.)  Also, the area is very light in places with full RV hook-ups.  This sounds like a “couple’s getaway”.